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                                    1905 photo of a combined Burnie and Wynyard Band. For other band photos
                                                               check out the Media section of this web site.

The City of Burnie Brass Band is a direct descendant of the original brass band formed in Burnie in 1890. Over those 100 plus years the band has had a proud history of service to the public of Burnie. The early records of the band recall the highs and lows in the life of the organisation.

Following a series of public meetings the City of Burnie Brass Band was formed in late 1890 and after the appointment of Mr. Martin Brennan as bandmaster the first practice was held on November 17th 1890, followed by the first public performance in March 1891. Although the name has changed from time to time records show that Burnie has never been without a brass band.

Research shows that sometimes Burnie had more than one Brass Band. The Emu Bay Brass Band, The Federal Band, The Burnie Brass Band and the Somerset Brass Band were all performing in the early years.

The Burnie Brass Band (formed in 1890) changed their name to Burnie Municipal Band in March 1922.

The Burnie Municipal Band amalgamated with the Burnie Marine Board Band to become the Burnie Citizens Band in October 1954.

The Burnie Citizens Band was renamed the Burnie Municipal Band in August 1972.

Following the declaration of Burnie as a city the band was renamed the Burnie City Brass Band and  now known as the City of Burnie Brass Bass Band.
If you would like to read more about the history of the band, check out the numerous old articles from the Wellington Times and Burnie Advocate newspaper displayed in the Archives section of this web site.

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