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November 18, 2011
Hello and welcome to another addition of Con Brio Online (The Latest News for the City of Burnie Brass Band). As usual this page endeavours to keep you up to date with the latest goings on with the band, so be sure to check it out now and again to make sure you are up to date. In addition Band Members should check out the White boards in the band room for upcoming playouts and events.

Due to problems with the http://webng.com hosting service it has been a while since this site has been updated. Fortunately it seems to be back up and running for the time being and so here is the latest news.

There are a number of playouts on the way leading up to Christmas and they are detailed below. Exact times for every single playout are not yet known, so you  may need to check out this page every now and then leading up to each function to get the exact times they are being held.  The Annual Christmas Stocking raffle is underway, so look out for the stocking on the streets of Burnie with our friendly volunteer sellers and make sure you buy some tickets to support the band.

What Where
Burnie Christmas Parade Burnie Friday, November 25, 6:30PM
Carols By Glo Lioght Burnie LINC (Library) Saturday, November 26, 10:00AM
Get Reelin' Concert Burnie Art's & Functions Centre (Theatre) Saturday, November 26, 7:30PM
Rhodo Garden Concert Burnie Rhododendron Gardens Sunday, November 27, 1:30PM
Somerset Christmas Parade Somerset Friday December 2, 7:00PM
Burnie Farmers Market (Learners Band) Wivenhoe Showgrounds Saturday December 3,
Baptist Church Service Burnie Baptist Church Saturday December 3,
Smithton Christmas Parade Smithton Friday, December 16, 7:00PM
Burnie Farmers Market (Learners Band) Wivenhoe Showgrounds Saturday December 17,
Strahan Christmas Playout Strahan Saturday December 17, 6:30PM
St Georges Church Service St Georges Church (Burnie) Sunday, December 18th, 3:00PM
St Georges Church (small group) St Georges Church (Burnie) Saturday, December 24th

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