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Upcoming Events and Engagements
September 2nd (Sunday), 12:30PM Annual Band Dinner and Presentations - Burnie RSL Club
October 7th (Sunday), 3:00PM Church Concert - Burnie St Georges church
October 13/14 (Saturday & Sunday) 2012 State Band Championships - Hobart
November 11th (Sunday) Concert in the Burnie Art Gallery
December 9th (Sunday) Concert in the Burnie Art Gallery

2012 Annual General Meeting
The 2012 Annual general Meeting (AGM) was held on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 9:00PM in the CBBB band room. The meeting started with a tribute to the late Jimmy Kelty (a life time member of the band) from the President of the band and was followed by a reading of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM, the Presidents report and reports from other Office Bearers. Also on the agenda was a proposal to increase the Yearly Family Registration rate from $150 per year to $160 per year (1 Senior and Junior) + $35 for each additional family member.

To view The 2011 Minutes, The 2012 Treasurer's report, The 2012 Band Sergeants report and the 2012 Librarians's report click the following PDF: 2012 AGM Reports 

2012 Celtic Force
Our band has just finished supporting the St Andrews Caledonian Pipe Band in it's 2012 Celtic Force concert series. Celtic Force concert series are a huge undertaking, and this years was even bigger than usual, with no less than three concerts in Launceston over two separate nights. The following E-mail from John Ralph (director of the concert series) gives you a report on the event as well as serving as a thankyou letter to all those involved in putting it together.

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